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24/7 365 days Emergency contact


A keysafe is a strong metal box that can be fixed  to the outside wall of a property that holds spare keys to a building. On the front of the key safe are numbers  used for entering a code , it can only be opened by someone who knows the code.

In an emergency situation EpilepsySussex can provide the emergency services with your number , allowing them to gain access to the property immediately without causing any damage. The time saved in a situation like this can mean everything.

These codes can be changed as many times as needed.

Keysafes also allow you to leave your spare keys in a secure place, rather than leaving them under a door mat or plant pot. 

If your not  comfortable with a drill , try asking a friend, colleague or a family member to help you. Once the key safe has been mounted,then just set the combination code, which again can be easily done by use of the user manual.

EpilepsySussex will fit the key safe if the above can not be done.


How it works:

Key safe outside of property:

Keys placed inside box:

Number has been set and is recorded in EpilepsySussex  private data base:

Emergency phone number placed on outside of box:

A neighbour is concerned or you are in distress:

You or the neighbour calls the emergency services:

Emergency services arrive at property:

EpilepsySussex 24/7 phoned number is called:

Code is then given over the phone:

Access is gained:

The code can be changed for next time use:

For more info click link below

36 private data base holders on record.


Updated April 2024 

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