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Our Presentations

What can we do for you,

If you would like one of our talks and are a School /College / Workplace / Other charity

(we cannot offer a 1 to 1 presentation)

Our talks,

We can offer a  45min  or 1 hour talk on epilepsy


                           We can add on seizure training 15min

                           We can add  on first aid training for seizure 20min

                           We can add on a  mental health talk within epilepsy 15min

                           We can add on oral buccal midazolam training  15min

Our cost,

Within the Eastbourne boundary  'Free'

Outside of Eastbourne 42p a mile to & from

A voluntary donation  is always appreciated

How to contact us,

or phone 07497 822055 m-f 11-9pm





luke watts

Oh my gosh, just so supportive. Michelle and Katie did a training course for my organisation with super support. Knowledgeble, dynamic, supportive and really helped us meet the needs of the people we support with epilepsy.

Highly recommend and thank you so much.

My Personal Enablement Support Partnership  · 

At My PESP, we use other words to describe it.....amazing, insightful, useful, superb.

Thank you so much













HI Darren & Michelle

The feedback from people that were there for your presentation includes the words fantastic, brilliant and amazing. Everyone was very impressed and learned a lot. The video presentation was very informative and we quickly realised that you know more about epilepsy and how it affects people than a lot of people in the medical profession. The information you gave us was clear and easy to understand. We are all very grateful to you and Darren for giving your time to help us understand epilepsy a little more.


I have been asked to say that it would have been nice to have some of the visual presentation as handouts to take away as people were too engaged in the presentation to take many notes. If you have any of it as printable handouts that you could send me, I can circulate it to the other people that wee there.


Since your presentation our members have been putting Epilepsy Sussex forward whenever we have had the opportunity to nominate charities. Hopefully there will be some success that will raise funds for you.


I hope you are both well and wish you a very Happy New Year.


Best wishes,


Debbie x

USDAW branch

Hi Darren

Yes the team were all very pleased with the training and its content . 

Most of the staff felt they had learnt things that they did not know and had gained confidence in this area.

I am very pleased with the feedback , so once again thank you both so much.

Warm regards



Kind regards​

Hollie Taylor

Deputy Manager

Supported Living/Outreach East Sussex

Aspens care 


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