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Updated  Oct 2023  

  2023 Events

Car Boot Coppal farm 11th June  6-1pm

Epilepsy Presentations

Epilepsy Training

24th September Eastbourne Coffee Meeting 11-2pm

01st October  Bexhill Coffee Meeting 11-2pm

15th October Brighton Coffee Meeting 11-2pm

 Most have been Cancelled due to illness  and surgery 


















2022 Events

                                                                Cancelled due to illness  and surger

Eastbourne coffee meet Cancelled 

Bexhill coffee meet Cancelled 

 Brighton coffee meet Cancelled 

Worthing coffee meet Cancelled 

Horsham coffee meet Cancelled 

Crowbrough  coffee meet Cancelled 

2021 Events

Eastbourne coffee meet Cancelled due to illness  and surger

Bexhill coffee meet Cancelled due to illness  and surgery 

 Brighton coffee meet Cancelled due to illness  and surgery 

Worthing coffee meet Cancelled due to illness  and surgery

Horsham coffee meet Cancelled due to illness  and surgery  

Crowbrough  coffee meet Cancelled due to illness  and surgery  

Dec: Bucket collection Seaford  Cancelled due to illness  and surgery 

 All events have suspended due to illness  and surgery 

Mar 26th: World wide epilepsy day,the Beacon shopping centre,Eastbourne

2020 Events

Feb 1st-29th: Crowbrough Waitrose green token

Mar 26th: World wide epilepsy day,the Beacon shopping centre,Eastbourne

Cancelled due to the Coronavirus

April 1st-30th Hove Waitrose green token 

April 1st-30th Hove Waitrose green token

April 04th Eastbourne coffee meet Cancelled due to the Coronavirus

April 18th Bexhill coffee meet Cancelled due to the Coronavirus 

May 02nd Brighton  coffee meet Cancelled due to the Coronavirus

May 08th: Bucket collection Bexhill Cancelled due to the Coronavirus     

July 4th-5th: Event 999 Cancelled due to the Coronavirus,

July 11th: Event Peacehaven  Cancelled due to the Coronavirus,

All Events other Events up to the end of the year 

2019 Events


Jan 1st-31st: Heathfield Waitrose green token


Feb 01st-28th: Horsham Waitrose green token 

Feb 14th: Eastbourne (Langley centre) Barclays bank

valentines day raffle 5 tickets £1,please buy as many as you can.

Feb 21st: Committee meeting 16-17

March 26th: Eastbourne Beacon Shopping Centre

April 1st-30th: Haywards Heath Waitrose green token

Justice From The Judge  *

All donations go direct to EpilepsySussex, please come along

May 12th: TN40 2HE St Peters Community Centre *

May 12th:TN40 1PR Bexhill United Reformed Church *

May 13th:TN39 4GW St Martha's Church *

May 15th: TN40 2JA The Coach House *

May 18th: TN33 9JN Ninfield Methodist Church *

May 19th: TN40 2BX Christchurch Methodist Church *

June 6th: Bucket Collection

June 16th: Event

June 22: Eastbourne Coffee Meet 11-14.00

June 29: Bexhill Coffee Meet 11-14.00

July 6th-7th: Event

July 13th: Event

July 14th: Event 

Aug 16th: Bucket Collection

Aug 26th: Event

TBC:Eastbourne Coffee Meet 11-14.00

TBC:Bexhill Coffee Meet 11-14.00 

TBC:Brighton Coffee Meet 11-14.00

Aug: Paperchase (The Beacon Eastbourne) cake sale 

Sep : Eastbourne Waitrose Green tokens

Oct: Presentation for Sussex Police

Dec: 07th Eastbourne Coffee Meet 11-14.00

Dec: 14th Bexhill Coffee Meet 11-14.00

Dec: Eastbourne car raffle



 Jan 1st-31st:  Worthing Waitrose green 

Jan 25th:Tesco bucket collection 9-18

Jan 26th:Tesco bucket collection 9-18

Feb 1st-28th: Hove Waitrose green token collection 

Feb 1st-28th: Heathfield Waitrose green token collection

 Feb 02nd: Committee meeting 16-17

Feb 12th: International Epilepsy day


March 01st-31st: Storington Waitrose green token

March 17th: Tesco  Bucket Collection 9-18

 March 23:Morrison bucket collection 9-18 

March 26th: World wide purple day,

Eastbourne Andale Centre,

Take a selfie wearing something purple and send to us,

come alone and grab a selfie.

Caroline Ansell will be attending  


April 1st-30th:Crowbrough Waitrose green token collection 

April 14th: Brighton coffee meet 11-14

April 28th: Eastbourne coffee meet 11-14


May 04th:Tesco  Bucket Collection 9-18

May 8th:Morrison bucket collection 9-18

May 9th:Morrison bucket collection 9-18 

May 19th: Bexhill coffee meet 11-14

May 22nd: Seaford  town forum

June 01st-30th Waitrose green token collection, Hailsham,Worthing,Burgess Hill June 03rd :Music in the park 11.30-17.30

June 11th: Presentation to Autistic Sussex  

June 17th:Bodiam car show 10-5 

June 30th: Seaford armed forces 10-16 

July 01st : Brighton armed forces 10-16 

July 7th: 999 event 10-16

July 8th: 999 event 10-16 

July 14th: Peacehaven fete 11-16 

July 20th: Tesco bucket collection 9-18

July 25th: Presentation to East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service 

Aug 5th: Hooe motor show 10-16

Aug 10th: Tesco bucket collection  9-18

Aug 25th: Hellingly Festival of transport 10-18

 Aug 26th: Hellingly Festival of transport 10-18

Aug 27th: Bexhill 100  10-17


Sep 06th: Committee meeting

Sep 08: Eastbourne coffee meeting 11-14

Oct 08th Presentation Seaford rotary

Oct 13th: Bexhill coffee meeting

Nov 9th: Car raffle 9-17

  Nov:17th AGM 15-19

Dec: 05th  Presentation for USDAW

2017 Past  events

Jan 07th : Eastbourne coffee meeting  11-14

Jan 14th  Presentation of cheque, Eastbourne  

Jan 14th : Worthing coffee meeting 11-14

Jan 21st :  Tesco bucket collection Bexhill

Jan 26th : EEG Committee meeting  16.00

Feb 04th : Hastings  coffee meeting  11-14

Feb 21st : Presentation for inner  wheel 19.00-20.00 

Feb 25th : Eastbourne coffee meeting 11-14

Feb 27th : Presentation for Rotary Club 12.30

Mar 24th: Barclays Bank Langley shopping centre Eastbourne

The staff our wearing purple on the 24th march and having collection buckets in the bank to raise awareness for epilepsy,

all money raised will be matched by the bank, come and give what you can.

Mar 24th: Barclays bank Eastbourne town centre and Hailsham town centre

Eastbourne and Hailsham banks our wearing purple on the 24th March

to raise awareness and collecting money within the bank from the staff

 Mar 25th :  For March 26th Arndale Centre Purple day 9-5

Come and meet Caroline Ansell MP who is supporting us

Apr 24th: Morrison bucket collection Seaford 9-18

Apr 25th: Morrison bucket collection Seaford 9-18

Apr 27th: Committee meeting


May 06th: Worthing coffee meeting 11-14

May 13th: Brighton coffee meeting 11-14

May 20th:Eastbourne coffee meeting 11-14

May 23rd: Seaford forum 18-21.00

May 27th: Hastings coffee meeting 11-14


June 04th: Music in the park 11-17.30

June 10th: Crowborough coffee meeting 11-14

June 15th : Presentation for Rotary Club 19.00

June 24th: Tesco bucket collection Lewes 9-18

July 02nd: Car boot sale

July 06th: Committee meeting

July 08th: 999 weekend 10-17

July 09th: 999 weekend 10-17

July 15th: Peacehaven fete 11-16

July 22nd: Eastbourne coffee meeting 11-14

July 25th:Brighton coffee meeting 11-14

Aug 1st-30th Hailsham Waitrose green token

Aug 04th: Tesco bucket collection Hove 09-18

Aug 06th: Hooe fete 10-17

Aug 09th: Presentation to Mental health service, Eastbourne

Aug 26th:FOT  10-17

Aug 27th:FOT  10-17

Aug 28th:FOT  10-17

Aug 31st: Committee meeting

Sep 23rd: Eastbourne coffee meeting

Oct 1st-31st  Heathfield Waitrose green token

Nov 1st-30th Haywards Heath Waitrose green token

  Nov 11th: AGM  15.00-20.00

St Elizabeth's Church, Eastbourne 

                                                                            (1) buffet lunch and drinks 15.00- 16.30 volunteers  and invites only

                                                        (2)epilepsy Sussex AGM 17.00 -18.00 everyone welcome( members of the public will

need to supply name & address to enter the AGM )

Epilepsy Sussex reserves the right to refuse entry

                                                                                                          Break 18.00-18.20

                                                                            (3) first aid and seizure training 18.20-18.50

                                                                                                             Break 18.50-19.10

                                                                             4) seizure awareness presentation 19.10-19.55

                        Nov 18th: Eastbourne coffee meeting 11-14

Dec 09th: Hastings or Bexhill coffee meeting 11-14 ????

  Dec 11th: Morrison bucket collection Seaford

Dec 12th: Morrison bucket collection Seaford

Dec 14th: Win a car  (Eastbourne Arndale Centre) 09.00-19.

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