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Volunteer for us at events / bucket collections /  plus you will receive a one off EpilepsySussex badge , exclusively for you this is the only way to get one.


The team at epilepsySussex would like to say a big thank you to Gradient Consultant Ltd for the very big donation, this will help in funding pillows / id bands

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It has come to our attention that when having the Covid jab some people are faking having a seizure and have said this is a reaction to the jab. As far as we know there is no evidence to suggest that by having the jab you will have a seizure, please ignore these idiots for putting these videos out on social media. if you have any real concerns please even phone NHS Direct or speak to your doctor

News to share with you, we've been working hard behind the scenes over the last few months and have secured some funding £1000 from the John Jackson Charitable Trust , this is essential funding for us to carry on our work .

EpilepsySussex would like to say a big thank you to the John Jackson Charitable Trust , this will help us in providing more pillows / CCTV / key safes / ID bands ect


 All events have been canceled due to COVID

Yes this does include us,
1 bucket collection
4 events and
3 coffee mornings
all cancelled so far

Luckily with our fundraiser the help from the Lions District group  / Waitrose / Member donations we have been scraping by to offer you the equipment that you still need
tough times ahead

  Here, we will discuss the potential health hazards in movies, including flashing lights (which can trigger seizures, migraines, or other issues), and motion sickness.

You can now appeal your PIP decision online:

Medical cannabis will be available on prescription within a month with 10,000 MS sufferers set to benefit


31 August at 03:43 



Hi everyone,

I want to make this post so we can all acknowledge the movie After Party, and the effects it can and is having on people.

I recently watched the trailer for this movie, and was so upset by what I seen.

During the trailer alone, it shows a young rapper having a seizure. but instead of showing the proper steps of what to do, in the movie it showed his friends and the audience video taping the seizure and laughing at him, after that event, the video went 'viral' throughout the movie and people started filming themselves doing 'the seizure boy dance' as well as calling the rapper 'seizure boy' and mocking him.

This makes me so sad and so worried.
After years on years of everyone's powerful efforts and hard work to help raise epilepsy awareness and education for us to feel safe and comfortable talking about epilepsy, a movie like this can cause doubt with some people, and that sets all our hard work back steps. 
It can make some of us feel unsure and afraid to talk about our epilepsy, and sadly it can even have some people think it is ok to make fun of epilepsy and people who have it, when its nowhere near okay to do that, what happens in the movie to the rapper is bullying, it is horrible, it is so wrong and it is not ok.

Epilepsy is not a joke, seizures are not a joke. I and many others around the world live with epilepsy everyday, we live with the shadow of not knowing when or where our next seizure will be and we live with knowing that sometimes people die from their epilepsy, it is called SUDEP (Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy) Sometimes we lose friends, jobs and opportunities because of the stigma with epilepsy.
Doesn't sound too funny does it.

Many times over the years we have all witnessed the media portray seizures and epilepsy in the wrong and negative way. With education and awareness we CAN.... NO we WILL change this and help change the way society sees epilepsy so that when an actor, director, producer, host and so on sees something like this in the script, something so wrong, so misleading and so hurtful they will be aware, they will be educated and they will stand up for everyone effected by epilepsy and say no, that's not cool, no that's not right and make a change.

This is another time when we all have to come together, to take a stand, and encourage people to continue to speak out, and that we don't need to be afraid to speak about our Epilepsy and how it effects us. We need to come together and keep sharing our stories so that those who are afraid, those who feel alone, will know that they are not alone and that we are all in this together.

Keep sharing, keep telling your stories, keep saying no to the stigma and keep up the great work everyone, I am so proud of all of you.

Cassidy Megan 💜🙂
Founder of Purple Day














15 January 2018

The Government has rejected its independent PIP reviewer’s recommendation

that PIP claimants to receive their assessment report at the same time as they

receive their decision letter, click link below

























05 May 2018

GPs to stop giving prescriptions for these conditions by the end of May 2018

NHS bodies say from May 31st they will no longer fund items such as probiotics,

vitamins and minerals that are freely available from pharmacies and supermarkets.

Cough mixture, eye drops, laxatives and sun creams are among the products that

will no longer be routinely prescribed.

30 March 2018

CRACKDOWN Paracetamol BANNED on the NHS amid crackdown

on ‘free’ prescriptions for 35 minor conditions


16 January 2018

New published guidance on 18 over the counter items which should

not routinely be prescribed in primary care plus a new consultation

on proposals for a further 33 prescription items.


The 18 Items which should not be routinely prescribed in primary care:

A Consultation on guidance for CCGs,click link below.




Would you like to help us?

We our looking for volunteers in the Sussex area

Are you a good listener,And keen to help

Full information training is given

Interested in giving back to your community, 3-4 hours a month

We can offer you

1st aid training,Epilepsy  training,Information training

Uniform provided

Food & drink provided**,Travel cost paid where needed*

*To/From **at our events

Contact shelly 07494 822055

Duke and Duchess of Sussex

We couldn't wish for a nicer two people welcome to our great county of Sussex

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This is our campaign poster  that we will be

rolling out across Sussex within the next month .

story so far ,, in every Stagecoach office in the UK

                                          in Brighton & hove bus company

                                          in every MP office  in Sussex

                                          in Taxi office in Sussex

                                          on ESUK page

                                          on More Radio

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Updated May 2020

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